Bearsden B&B Breakfast

Bearsden B&B Breakfast


Breakfast at Bearsden includes fresh produce, a choice of hot dishes, good coffee (Fairtrade Beans roasted in New Zealand) and regular (Ceylon) or herbal teas. Start with cereal, fresh fruit, toast and jams and then your choice of one of the following hot dishes:

  • Corn fritters for two stacked with smoked salmon, fresh tomato, yogurt and capers with Sweet Thai Chilli sauce on the side.
  • French toast with banana, blueberries and Canadian maple syrup.
  • Poached eggs (from our own hens or local free range) served on English Muffins with bacon and cooked tomato.
  • Feta cheese and spinach omelette served with a side of bacon or salmon.

We make our own fresh juice daily -- our typical ’get up and go juice’ consists of carrot, celery, ginger, apple and pineapple.

During breakfast we offer espresso coffee made from fresh ground Café L’affare FAIRTRADE beans. After, you are welcome to help yourself to plunger coffee and a selection of teas from your bedroom. Nature provides our H2O at Bearsden. We filter it, no chemicals, pure as rain. Water as it should be.


Proudly using Fairtrade Certified Coffee